Restoration of Longleaf Forest

Removal of invasive competition, prescribed burns, occasional thinning and replanting

Firefighter II course

Prescribed burn finale just before rainfallNature Conservancy Justin helps with prescribed burn

Back burning slows pace of flamesBackpack Pump refill

Prescribed burn volunteersPrescribed burn vounteers from Americorps,
FWB FD, Westville VFD, Caryville VFD,
& even a retired Park Ranger

Volunteers keep close track of burnBurn tools - backpack pump and drip torch

1 year after a burnNew growth "candle"

Prescribed burnAfter a burn

Rose admires an Ashe Magnolia leaf

7-year-old Longleaf forestBelly Dancer

Misplanted with root curled or J-rootMisplanted, toppled 7 years later

Stakes outgrown
after 4 years
Stand on their own,
4 years post-hurricane

7 year old pine forest

Torreya pine at Totem- healthy after agricultural limeTorreya recovered from fire

Torreya pines
Torreya Pine Revival

"Say Cheese""Boop Boop Be Doo"

Six-year-old Longleaf forest

First pinecone

Longleaf Pines 5 years old

Pine forest on the rise

Post-Hurricane Ivan staking


Sapling tree3-Year-Old