for all ages,
all levels of mobility

Non-Hiker Accessbility

Wizard by Lars RunarBeauty Berry, 9-'11

Earl the squirrel and Whiz turkeyGalaxy Flame photo fun

Mossy Head 4th Graders note their discoveries

Walk in the rainHiker and rider

Teen DayTeen Day in I Got Rhythm

SwingSwing o' teens

Swinging roudyTeen climber

Wagon rideLoblolly grandfather tree

Ruby greets guestsWiz greets the sun

Guests up a tree ("Oh Deer")Barn decor

Hikers take a breakMaster Gardeners on deck

Pathway to adventureThrough the woods

Maps of trials are providedGuided tour available

Yucca blossomsGopher apples in bloom

Spanish moss

Wonderland of greeneryTrails abound

Hairy Clustervine- Jacquemontia tamnifoliaTurkey in ancient tree snag

Crossing a bridge at frog pond
Crossing paths

American Chestnut's first seedpodBronze frog at Frog Pond

Ancient oak downed by hurricane

Shoal River view from deck
More Photos of Shoal River
Tall Grass Canope

Peek-a-boo with grandma on ridge trial
Tiny hikers

Serpentine Pine- loblolly
Bridge to Serpentine Pine

Entering Inner Sanctum
Walking sticks galore

Crossing Chrysemys Creek
Leaving the Inner Sanctum

River Road hikers
Swing time


Sorghum in FairfieldHiker amid Star Anise

Sunflowers in bloomPeace Bell

Mt. Laurel

Variegated FL AniseFairField

Picking Blackberries

Mushroom cluster
Gazebo meeting house in Autumn

Tortoise burrow
Ground level discoveries

Log climbers
Look! A lizard

Winter in Florida