Pitch a tent, bring a pop-up,
hop on a hammock,
rest in "Little Green Lodge,"
or stay in the farm house.

FarmHouse | Come Inside

Life's cycle brings both vultures and rainbowsRooftop visitors

Sunrise at Shoal Sanctuary

Sunrise at the corralSunrise palm

Dawn sunrays

Black Walnut at sunriseGathered together to feast and be joyful

Campfire marshmellow chefs

Deer feeding in the cover of darkness

Chick introduced to butterfly book by one year-old childStoking the wood stove

Campsite ErehwonSunrise 6 AM

Gazebo meeting house

Julie takes a breakLindsey journals her reflections

(Inside) Little Green Mansion (Outside)

Little Green Mansion deck sweepingGuests peer into Little Green Mansion

Stargazing under a Magnitude 6 sky

Sunrise sky

Armadillo are nocturnalFull moon

Full moon at sunrise

Playing cooperative musical chairs

Guest sign-in wallReading room wall