Orange cropOrange harvest
Grampy & Kayla fix the
rope swing together
Picking pears
Grape harvestingDrying umbrellas

Free range, Florida style
Fowl and furry friends photos

Blackberries to pick
Eggs to gather

Post-storm Pick-Up-Sticks
Planting for the Future

Some 2007 cropsEarth Day tug of work

Trimming trioVolunteers prepare for prescribed burn

Americorps Volunteers & shovelsCoiled again

Pick-Up-Sticks (gather kindling)
Veg Out (plant the garden)
Don't try this at home

Vision Quest (clean the windows)
Sky Scraping (any chore up a ladder)

Bush Wacking
Surfing to fire pit

Stamp before burning

Skyscraping with Santa
Making a dinner bell

Plowing FairField
Hoe Hoe Hoe

Brown Turkey Fig
2006 Crop

Work gloves do a jig
Power nap in a hammock

Bush hogging for new trees to be planted

Farmhand Katrina plowing Fairfield
Workmen cut Hurricane Ivan-damaged white oak