Grotto Ravine Preservation

Entering Grotto Ravine is a profound experience. For Native Americans it has been a sacred ceremonial site. Generations of local children called it the Unicorn Place. On the national geologic registry since 1926, geologists, paleontologists, and biologists prize its extraordinary ecosystem. Articles published for Smithsonian Institute have featured unique fossilized mollusks from its banks. The steep slopes have protected it from encroachment. Always moist, its banks remain home to rare flora and fauna including Little Brown Jug, Christmas fern, 2
Jake-in-the-Pulpits, and unusual crayfish.

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Back-to-the-Garden gals

Magnolia roots in Grotto RavineSteep slope ravine

Grotto Ravine top of pathGrotto Ravine pool

Steephead Bank

Mollusk FossilsUnusual crayfish

Little Brown JugsWaterfall