It was an honor to host our first Artists-in-Residence November 2007. A biologist and an ordained minister, married in mission as well as law, travel the United States sharing their insightful blend of religion and science. The couple spent their time at Shoal Sanctuary putting the just-released book, Thank God for Evolution, into audio format. The book is being welcomed with enthusiasm by both sides of the Darwin / Design debate. The three essentials purported in their work are that evolution is 1. the guiding principle of the universe, 2. the ultimate bridge between science and religion, and 3. our ultimate grounding for hope.

Artists-in-Residence Micheal Dowd & Connie Barlow

Here are a few excerpts from their work:

-Facts are God’s native tongue.

-Science is empirical theology.

-The war between science and religion is over.

-Evolution will usher religion into its greatness this century.

-We wouldn’t let a first century dentist fill our children’s teeth, so why allow first century theologians to fill our children’s minds?

-Our species is becoming collectively more intelligent.

-Morality evolves as humankind matures, over the ages.

-Our life mission or calling is found when we find connections between our great joys and the world’s great needs.

-Biocracy, biosphere democracy, is dawning.

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